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Completes the wellness circle for you ​


Exclusive membership access, support, motivation + accountability


Because no matter how much yoga you do, your nutrition matters


Learn the what, when + how of healthy eating to fuel you and achieve your goals


  • Amy Gorey as your online health coach 

  • Support from Amy and the Pineapple Fuel Community 

  • Private member forum with direct access to your health coach   

  • Mindset makeover to create lasting change

  • New focus each month to guide you along your Fueling journey

  • Monthly live Zoom calls to deep dive into your biggest concerns

  • Weekly email support


  • FUEL MOVE RESTORE in simple ways to get you feeling energized, strong, and lean

  • Bite-sized weekly challenges to make it all actionable today!

  • Help navigating the latest research and trends in nutrition (and mental vigor)

  • Simple tips, time-saving tricks and strategies to easily work healthy eating into your busy life

  • With simple recipes + meal planning

  • Adoptable action steps for lasting change


  • To keep you motivated and moving toward your goals

  • For making simple healthy meals a part of every day

  • New recipes every month to keep Fueling fun + fresh

  • Meal plan inspiration for Fueling success. 

  • For make lasting changes in how you Fuel. Move. Restore… Body. Mind. You.