Who is Amy Gorey?

I am a Lightworker and Energy Shifter here to elevate our experience this time around.

I’m an Energy Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder of Essential Fuel Coaching.

I help vibrant women who are doing all the “right” things to live with ease and light, but feel overloaded, overwhelmed and often drained, despite all their efforts.  

I teach you to shift out of the recurring cycle and into a radiant overflow of high vibrational energy.  

I give you the space and tools to shed what's holding you back, step fully into your vibrant self and begin living the full-of-light life you know you’re meant to. 

I enjoy making waves… ripples actually.  Big, impactful, far-reaching ripples!  

I know I am here in this life to raise the vibration by teaching others how to raise their own, then go on to set forth ripples of their own.

When I'm not traveling and hangin with my two inspiring kids and amazingly adventurous husband, I'm coaching high-frequency women and exploring new paths of expansion to share with others.


Okay, so I might also be lifting heavy weights or on my yoga mat!  

Lift Heavy, Be Light!

Either way, I don't have extra energy as a busy mama, wife and biz owner to leak my most valuable resources to low vibes. I’ve done all the hunting, gathering and vetting of energetic gems for you, so as we work together you rise, transforming into your most radiant self!

I am who you bring in when you're ready to take your energetic abundance up a notch.  When you’re tired of being tired, I got you.   Click here to start the conversation.

Shine on beautiful soul,

Amy Gorey