Sometimes you can do it solo ...sometimes you need a coach

Do you want to feel great every day, but you feel stuck in a rut, constantly exhausted, drained, overwhelmed?  You know you should eat better, work out smarter, but don't know where to start? Do you want to step forward with fresh energy, enthusiasm and direction, but not sure how?  Then let Amy help you FUEL. MOVE. RESTORE.


What is FUELED?  It's when you're firing on all cylinders and generally rocking everything you do... in your life, nutrition, and fitness endeavors.

Most of the time we get by just fine.  But sometimes don't you wish you could feel a little lighter, have a little more pep in your step?  Along the path of life, especially as busy moms, we develop habits and tendencies that either empower us or hold us back. This is true in how you care for your body, your mind... your whole self.


What would it feel like to stop struggling, to move beyond the patterns holding you back from how you really want to look, feel and perform?

Amy Gorey is a highly sought after certified health and nutrition coach, specializing in simple, sustainable self care methods for women.  Having trudged along the path of as overwhelmed, tired, and cranky mom, Amy set out to find a way to be the best version of herself more often.  She found it, and now her contagious energy is inspiring! Amy’s passion lies in teaching you how to find your Fuel Formula™ , starting with your physical self, so you can show up as your awesome self in all you do.

Turning a Vision into Reality

Texas Longhorn turned Pacific Northwest resident, Amy is a fiery and supportive mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, explorer. She has a passion for personal, physical and professional performance and strives for simplicity and flow in them all. She meets her clients where they are and supports each unique individual to experience their best, most Fully Fueled life.  Her process is simple, impactful and lasting. With her interactive programs, talks, and retreats, Amy’s goal is to help one million families learn to live Fully Fueled. She also offers group coaching, online programs and membership programs. Contact Amy to learn how you can work together!


When she’s not inspiring women to live the Fueled Lifestyle™ , you will find her with family & friends or in the yoga studio, gym or kitchen… enjoying the moment, Fully Fueled

What people are saying...

     Again. I really do think people come into our lives for a reason... i heard many times "you need to meet Amy Gorey". And there you go. I know this is a professional thing, but still. Thanks for taking me on this journey and being so awesome.